Ian Housten Shadwell and Gemma Deacon are Magichour.  Magichour’s self titled debut is coming soon on Vitamin Records.

Before they were Magichour, Ian and Gemma were the heart of iconic Sydney acoustic pop classists Cactus Child, releasing three albums On, Diaphones and Earth Girl with Universal Music Australia. They were key figures in the emergence of the acoustic pop folk revival in Sydney in the nineties that included luminaries such as Leonardo’s Bride and The Whitlams.

Touring Australia many times and with a variety of line-ups, Cactus Child’s second album Diaphones, with its nine piece acoustic string ensemble and rich vocal harmonies captured many hearts.

The band went on to record Earthgirl and launched the album whilst supporting the late Jeff Buckley on his final Australian tour. 

 Since then both have been involved in individual projects including soundtracks for television and film and solo releases.

Fast forward ten years, and these two creative forces have come back together to create Magichour, 11 luscious songs wrapped into a folk pop bundle. 

No longer constricted by studio day rates and major labels, Gemma and Ian crafted songs lovingly from whatever idea caught their fancy. The results are delicious. 

Magichour is an album infused with all of the deep folk pop sensibilties that structured their last work, but with a new sense of space and atmospherics. This is cinematic, ambient and widescreen.  

Gemma’s magical vocals weave through the rich and varied soundscape of Ian’s acoustic and electronic sounds. A haunting lustre that resonates on the knife edge of beauty.